Tragical Mystery Tour

Tragical Mystery Tour

Author: Neal Shusterman

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781878875761

Published: October 1st 2003

In Episode 13 (our newest) Tragical Mystery Tour, you are part of the tuned-in, turned-on hippie crowd. You've been invited on a cross county road trip to Beefstock with the coolest rock singer of the time: Hedda Leiss. While you're hanging out at Hedda's love pad -- POW -- an explosion rocks the house! The psychedelic love bus is dust...with Hedda on board. Come in tye-dye and bell bottoms and assume the role of one of these hip chicks or dudes; celebrated playboy and record founder Philip Mabong; rasta party girl Jamaica Bomblast; mind expansionist and spiritual guru Timothy Bleary; Miss America runner-up Enya Goddard-Daveeda; NASA's golden boy Juan Stepford Mann; consummate groupie/tie-dye inventor Reina Terra; handsome, upstart activist Nate Ashbury; and rising political star Burnette Debrah. Imagine your home as a 'love pad' in the late sixties, with black light and lava lamp as you and your hippie friends enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue (but mainly humor) as you solve the crime over a feast of sun dried tomato hummus, bean sprout salad, wild rice and special brownies. Peace, baby...