The Good, the Bad & the Guilty

The Good, the Bad & the Guilty

Author: Neal Shusterman

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 0 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9781582362298

Published: October 1st 2003

In Episode 12, The Good, The Bad & The Guilty, you have been invited to the public hanging of The Malevolent Seven, a gang of most villainous scum. The time is 2nd July, 1881. The territory is Roadkill, Wyoming. Before the festivities begin, a murder is discovered -- Judge Waylon Payne. Come in your chaps and assume the role of one of these Old West characters: the first lady of outlaws, Butch Chastity; the mysterious long gunslinger, P'Elvis Swagarin; strong determined patriarch, Helena Handcart; distinguished leader of the Cowpai tribe, Chief Breaking Wind; proud madam of the best little you-know-what in Roadkill, Elvira-Lynn Fekshin; famous lawman Wyatt Hertz; town preacher and undertaker, Dee Adela Muerte; and dazzling heart-throb gunfighter Elias Truist-Heath. Imagine your Main St. home in the Wild West as you and your guests enjoy hours of suspense (but mainly humor) as you solve the crime over an authentic feast of Prairie Chicken and chipped beef.