Roswell That Ends Well

Roswell That Ends Well

Author: Neal Shusterman

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781582366043

Published: June 1st 2003

Teens looking for alternatives to hanging out at the mall are increasingly turning to theme parties. How To Host A Teen Mystery is just that... a great way for teens to create a full evening of fun. Roswell That Ends Well, as with all games in the teen series, begins with a crime and ends with the unmasking of the culprit... but not before dinner, guessing, and lots of laughs. This story revolves around some extra-terrestrial foul play... covert operatives have just found Allen Ian Abduxion (the host of this beach party/Iuau) with his head grafted onto the body of his pet iguana Cosmo! The top secret Men In Slacks are not happy. The cast of characters include the thrill-seeker Ariel LeSalt; rich kid protester Dexter Terrestrial; psychic Endira DeWorley; super genius bad boy Klaus N. Counter; young Olympic medalist Speed-O Leitner; outspoken charismatic Carey O'Reagun; most popular Twyla Zoan: and witty foreign student Koushpa Tater.