The Nysein: Salvation (Book 1)



A wasting disease marks the Nysein race after King Darién seeks revenge. Every day he chokes on loneliness and past mistakes as another innocent victim dies. His only salvation lies in a whispered prophecy—he must take a half-breed mate. The idea is so repulsive, he can’t imagine ever fulfilling…mating a woman he has never met. But one look upon her face and his rationality plummets.

Jenera Cole life moves in slow motion. It’s another strike against her…another disappointment. She is unaware of her immortal destiny until fate traps her inside an otherworldly hell. However, a stranger appears within her supernatural prison. He is a man with seductive eyes and an incredible power. Destiny isn’t only a word, it is the source of the Nysein magic, and Jenera must accept her fate. She must lay claim to the lost king as secrets bury them, lies unite them, and a war begins…

Story Tags: vampire romance, magic, series; novel

The Nysein: Release (Book 2)



Kendra, the Mistress of Water, finds herself sinking within an ocean of heartbreak as Destiny lands her once again on the Isle of Serey. Nothing is going right—from her awareness to the island’s most prominent Nysein womanizer to the desire he shimmies over her body. She can’t fight the pull he has on her, but she suspects he’s exchanging more than smooth banter with one of her sisters. Jealousy slashes the darkest recesses of her heart, yet she’s tired of waiting for him. Either he’ll give her what she wants, or she’ll finally walk away…

Maxim Korden, seneschal to King Darien, has always loved the female sex. The scent, texture, and visual stimulation of beautiful woman makes him crazy with need. However, he carries a deep secret—one impossible to believe. For nearly one hundred years, he can’t touch a woman without sickness, though one caress upon Kendra’s skin and the sweetest nirvana engulfs him. Fate has tilted a deadly trial against their brief happiness as a sinister force traps his newfound love.

Story Tags: vampire romance, magic, series; novel

The Nysein: Glimmer (Book 2.5)


Temporarily Unavailable


For Victor Bradley, a crazy situation calls for desperate decisions: Glimmer is a problem. He can’t ignore her cry for help. He tries to tell himself it’s because she is in trouble and a vampire with a tempting gift, yet it’s more than that. On the run, they cross into Fae territory and out-of-control doesn’t begin to cover the circus unfolding.

Two years of Glimmer’s life are gone. She has been a prisoner to a man hell-bent on torturing her. When the opportunity to escape hits—she grabs it—running without a plan. Her getaway lands her in the arms of a lion shifter, a man too incredible to believe, but impossible to ignore.
Her heart sings a mantra of words: help me… love me… stay with me. But, will he?

Story Tags: vampire romance; magic; series

**Each story is a standalone, regardless of series.**

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