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The Marked is coming. Levi has heard this a million times, but as Alpha, chooses to ignore it. Yet when he finds a Fae near death, she draws out his protective instincts. Shayla hopes the wolf pack will find her, as she wishes for a swift death. She aches to escape her marching orders…to kill the Kale Alpha. Evil casts a dark shadow over the magical world, and no one is safe. Only the Kale Alpha holds the key to reversing the past against a new dictatorship, but will he discover the power to do so in time? Shayla and Levi must fight demonic forces or lose everything…

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Chapter One

Shayla knew she didn’t have long before discovery.

They’ll find me…they’ll kill me.

The ground trembled under her bare feet, right inside the Lycan border as another boom of thunder cracked the sky with a resounding blast. Cold rain pelted her face, slicing against her defeated body. Her dress hung in shreds, her skin nearly as mangled. Patches of her flesh lay open and exposed to the downpour, yet she felt numb, ignoring the sting. The rain had long since washed away the blood, but she knew she still hemorrhaged her life force.

Her eyes crossed in the darkness, and her fatigue sucked her close to unconsciousness. She shook her head, trying to stay awake. Shayla knew she was only seconds away from collapsing. She had to stay focused—she had to keep moving.

Fear drove her deeper into the forest…closer to another enemy. Either way, she knew she’d die tonight, but where would be her choice.

She winced and fought back more tears as another rock jabbed the soft sole of her foot. As Shayla righted herself, her left wing—her only remaining wing—snagged on a tree branch. She cried out, falling to her knees. Her hands dug into the rain-saturated earth, gripping slimy leaves and sticks. Gut-wrenching pain seized her, twisting her with nausea. Her sobs were drowned out by more thunder, but she didn’t care. She was ready to breathe her last.

She had to keep going.

Staggering to her feet, she swayed under the rain and her depleted strength. Shayla wouldn’t last much longer.

One step.

Two more.

Dropping to her knees, the ground took her weight. She couldn’t go any farther. Dizziness weighed her down. “Come kill me,” she whispered into the night.

Shayla knew they’d hear her.

She could feel them.

Three sets of yellow eyes glowed fiercely within the dense thickness of the forest. A strange sensation fell over her, not terror nor fear, but peacefulness. A beautiful calm. Two wolves eased out from behind the trees, their teeth bared, and the hum of their growls threatening and harsh. Taking a deep, satisfied breath, she knew death would accept all her pain, and silence would shroud her in the afterlife.

She’d no longer be a victim of circumstances she couldn’t control. She wouldn’t be a puppet for anyone to dominate. Not anymore.

As the wolves circled, her vision blurred. “Do it!” She seethed with her last bit of strength, collapsing to the ground. They snarled and snapped, their bodies so close she could feel their heat.

Shayla shook hard. Stinging stabs pricked her chilled flesh, as drowsiness took hold, pushing her closer to a cloudy stupor. She didn’t have long as her head hit the soggy, muddy ground.

She knew she’d found the Kale.

They would finish her off and she’d be free. As her eyes connected with the Alpha, a strange surge rendered her powerless…and darkness covered her.

* * * * *

The stench of evil hung in the air.

Taking a deep breath, Levi found the foul odor offensive, making him angrier by the second. He could feel a corruptive sensation eating through his veins. It burned like a scorching sun, blistering and damning.

He shifted into his wolf form.

Immediately, energy surged through his body, feeding all his senses. He could hear beyond the raindrops and thunder. He could feel beyond the wind and the cold. There was a nasty foreboding that even the rain couldn’t wash away.

His pack’s resident Faery, Cassius, kept predicting a red moon, but how many times had he’d scoffed at her premonition? Over and over, she said, “The Marked is coming,” but he told her they were finished with the Fae, and to forget her previous life. However, she was a stubborn Fae, full of her religion and priestess ideals. She was the only exception of their past life he allowed to remain. She had helped them escape, and for that, the pack would be forever indebted to her.

One quick glance at the sky revealed the moon, dripping in red. He wouldn’t tell Cassius. Knowing her, she’d start spouting weird shit on prophesy and death.

The Kale no longer subscribed to the Fae guardianship. The pack was no longer theirs to command. Trevin saw to that years ago. The demon master took all the peace and serenity between the Kale and Fae. By the lycanthrope’s way, they were the caretakers of the wilderness, masters of the wild, and protectors of humanity. However, they were no longer subservient to any creature, magical or otherwise.

Beau and Kason—both excellent hunters and warriors—ran beside Levi toward the Fae-Lycan border. He knew they could feel the evil as he did, but neither questioned his need to patrol their borders. They knew something was coming and they were ready to combat whatever strange entity they encountered.

Levi ran hard and fast, pushing himself toward the unknown intruder. The damp forest ground was nothing as he flipped dirt clods up in his pursuit, leaping over fallen logs and rocks. He darted through the trees, his vision clear and knowing. The woods were his playground, his domain. Whatever invaded his territory, he’d drive out…or kill.

He could hear the breath of the intruder. Faint, but definitely there. The closer he drew to her… Her? Yes, she was definitely female. She smelled like lemons, yet he detected blood. The distinctive, metallic aroma was unmistakable. It wafted over the wet, chilly air, and Levi knew by the sweet sting of her essence and waning life force, she wasn’t human.


His blood seethed with hatred for her fucking audacity to cross his boundary, but the feeling left him quickly. She was wounded. But Levi didn’t care. He didn’t have the time or the inclination to care. He was the Alpha with a pack to protect. All he could hope to offer was a swift death and to bury her deep. She couldn’t hope to expect anything more. His policy remained unswerving and firm: Death to all Fae.

The trees whizzed past as dark, ghostly sentinels, standing guard over his land. Everything about this place belonged to him. Each rock. Each stone. Even the water from the sky. He owned it. He commanded it. He wouldn’t bow to another Fae. Times had changed and Levi wasn’t the same in thoughts or beliefs.

He’d kill anyone or anything before he risked his pack. Simple.

The closer he drew to her, the more he could sense her depleted emotions and weakness. This kill would be easy.

She lay on the ground, a shredded heap of torn flesh. The rain made it easy to see her injuries. The Fae female was nothing but death waiting. One wing was torn off, and she was dirty and slimed from the earth she rested on. Her hair was tangled with forest debris. The faint thump of her heartbeat slowed even more, a sign she wasn’t long for this world.

Goddamn, she’s fucked up bad, Beau blasted through their pack mind link. I’ll kill her! The red mixed gray of his fur slithered by, a flash of haunting growls and snapping teeth.

Karson circled around the wounded Fae from the other side. Make it quick, brother. It’s shit-assed cold out here.

Beau glared at his pack mate. Pansy. You’re such a girl. Grow a pair, motherfucker. The gray wolf snarled, swiping a claw in his direction.

Enough! Levi pressed out to his pack, still holding his position without moving. Finish her.

The Fae lifted her head from the soggy earth. Her eyes were vivid green in the darkness, shocking and gut twisting. A strange power tunneled through Levi, seizing his heart and blood.

Their eyes connected.

Her voice projected more strength than her dying body. “Kill me!” she gritted out.

The impact of her tone immobilized him. With only two words, she banked a fire in the blackness of the Alpha’s soul. A searing kind of energy traveled his veins, causing him to whimper a threatening growl. Neither pack mate heard him, intent on carrying out his death order.

However, something changed in Levi, sucking his sanity with it.

Golden heat filled him and time suspended, pushing the Fae’s image into his mind. In the vision, she stood before an arched window… Her beauty ripped him raw. It festered. Hurt. She was a stab of pain. From the delicate turn of her jaw to her full pouty lips, she seared his awareness. Her long, white-blonde hair hung to her waist. She was gifted with arched, dark brows and stunning green eyes that would rival emeralds. Beautiful black wings arched over her pale, white skin, a testament to her rank and position. She was a Nyx Fae…born of the night. They were extremely rare and looked upon as a blessing.

Why the fucking hell was she here? Neglected and nearly dead? They were usually locked away in the Fae priestly high towers, and kept pure while used for their magic.

He didn’t have time to contemplate more as Beau’s claw rose.

No! Levi leaped from his position, sailing through the air. He couldn’t stop himself. He was no longer in control as the overwhelming desire to protect her twisted deep inside him. As he landed, Beau’s sharp, curved nails dug deep into the Alpha’s side. A screeching moan tore out his throat, and he fell atop the injured Fae.

Beau sank to the ground, bowing. Alpha, forgive me! He whimpered, whining his remorse. Karson backed away too, his shoulders sunken low. Neither wolf wanted to face the Alpha’s wrath. Each backed up more.

Levi snapped his disapproval, howling up into the night sky. The rain pelted his canine face, while pain zoomed through his body, white-hot and blistering.

She’s mine! He growled in the empty recesses of their minds.

His pack mates eased back farther, shaking, and wailing their distress. He didn’t care, nor did he explain, ignoring them. As soon as he knew they wouldn’t harm her, he eased off her, dismissing the pain in his side. He’d heal quickly.

Levi shifted into his human form, dropping to his knees. The icy rain pelted his naked skin, droplets steaming against his excessive body temperature. Reaching for her delicate shoulders, he carefully rolled her over, brushing filth from her face, so careful as not to jar her into more agony. The feel of her skin was liquid pleasure. Satiny and smooth.

He felt her deep.

She mingled.


Harsh, yet balmy.

She soothed the beast tearing at the edges of his sanity.

It was the Pairing.

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Kurdish Music 101


In my upcoming book, Shahram – A Kurdish Love Story, my hero is Kurdish, and he grew up in the west of Iran. To make it easy, his nickname is Ram and I’m going to let him tell you about some of his favorite music. Before he arrives, here’s a small excerpt from my book of what he looks like…

Ram Zare was still leaned up against the hood of his car with a sexy grin curving his lips. Nope, she wasn’t that lucky to go unnoticed. The guy was desire, lust, and sin from the top of his dark, overlong hair to his scrumptious body, and silky brown gaze. She hated how her eyes zeroed in on his black leather jacket, emphasizing his hard chest. Of course, they’d barely spoken outside his sensual grin and her awkwardness, but the man oozed all kinds of carnal appeal that should be illegal.

–Mia Phillips

Me: Hello, Ram. Thanks for stopping by today.

Ram: Salam. Thank you for inviting me. I appreciate the opportunity.

Me. Well, it’s great you’re here. I wanted to introduce you to everyone before your story hits.

Ram: (flashes a smile) Anytime.

Me. So, I was hoping you would share some insight into Kurdish music. Would you share the basics?

Ram: To keep it simple, there are three basic kinds: storytellers, minstrels and bards. These are considered to be classical. There are some heroic ballads about Kurdish heroes and love ballads expressing the pain of separation and unfulfilled love. And some religious, love songs, and dance. Wedding songs are very popular too.

Me: I see you brought along some samples. What is the first one?

Ram: This is a song typically played in weddings when the bride arrives. It’s called Şemmame by popular singer, Ibrahim Tatlises. In this video, you get a sense of the happy times a wedding is for families.

Me: Awesome. Love the dancing too. It’s so lively and happy.

Ram: Kurds love to dance—especially at weddings.

Me: Wait…? I heard they love to dance anytime.

Ram: (grins) Yes, you heard right.

Me: What does Şemmame mean?

Ram: Well, here’s the translation. I hope it’s not too complicated. (He winks)

Şemmamê Şemmamê Şemmamê bûkê

—- şemmam is a type of melon, but is also used to refer to the breasts of a young woman which should be the case in this song, bûk = bride. Şemmamê is also the name for a girl.


Me: Thank you for that. (trying not to blush) Okay, so what is the second example?

Ram: This one is more modern. It’s by two singers who are very popular in the Middle East: Jamshid and Mansour. The song is called Naz Maka, and it’s a very happy song, though the video doesn’t show traditional Kurdish culture. It’s probably more for the upcoming generation, but it is in the Kurdish language with a few lines of Farsi/Persian. It’s one of my favorites.

Me: Oh, that is high energy!! LOVE IT!! What does Naz Maka mean?

Ram: (he laughs heartily) It means… don’t be spoiled. You never know what kind of song will hold a few surprises. Asking a girl not to be spoiled is one of them.

Me: Oh, really? Do you have anyone in particular in mind?

Ram: Of course I do, but I’m not telling you. (he winks)

Me: Why not? This would be a great way to share a bit about yourself.

Ram: (nods) I agree, but I’m not feeling it.

Me: (I resist the urge to roll my eyes, looking thoughtful) I see you brought us a final song to look at. What is this?

Ram: This… (he pauses, his face softening)

Me: Ram?

Ram: This is called Delale. Just listen…

Me: It’s beautiful. What does Delale mean?

Ram: It means “My love.” It is written and produced by: Saam Moosa. Here… I also brought the translation:

I can’t wait to hear your voice, I’m yearning to see you

I missed you a lot, and are waiting here until you coming back

So many days have passed, I’m home alone,

Bored and counting every minute

My heart wears your name

Our love is endless

There is no girl like you

My love is infinitely great

My love, my darling

My Sweetheart My wife and friend

When will you reach me I cant wait no more

Please run faster to me, my Love, my darling

The sun is shining down on me when you smile, when you leave, it turns dark

Your warmth is like the summer, your every touch is lovable

You really deserve all my love, You mean the world to me

My love, my darling.

My heart wears your name

Our love is endless

There is no girl like you

My love is infinitely great

My love, my darling

My Sweetheart, my wife and friend

When will you reach me, I can’t wait no more

Please run faster to me, My Love, my darling

As long as I live, my heart will always be yours

As long as I live, my soul will always be yours

My love, my darling

My Sweetheart, my wife and friend

When will you reach me, I can’t wait no more

Please run faster to me, My Love, my darling

Me: That is very beautiful, Ram. Thank you for sharing this with us today.

Ram: My pleasure. It is very special to me.

Me: Oh? Why is that?

Ram: (he hesitates) Well, if I tell you now, then I’ll be giving away something too soon. Trust me, you’ll find out soon enough.

Me: Ok. Cryptic and vague, but thank you all the same. (slight pause) I appreciate you stopping by and giving us a flash insight into the various Kurdish music out there. I’m sure there’s more, but what you shared has been beautiful.

Ram: It’s been an honor to share. I’ve only shown you three of my favorites. Kurdish music spans different types and meanings. Our music is steeped in history. Some sad, some happy. No matter where a Kurd lives in the world, we all keep the beauty of music in our hearts. That’s not simple words, but a fact. And thank you for having me.

Me: Goodbye, Ram–

Ram: Wait, I brought you a final video.

Me: Really? That’s wonderful. What is it?

Ram: It’s at a Kurdish wedding in Iran. The men love to dance like this after lunch. Tell me what you think.

Me: Oooooo, I loved it! They really look like they are having fun. I appreciate the small surprise at the end.

Ram. Happy to share some of my favorites with you.

Me. I’ll be seeing you soon to discuss more on your book.

Ram: I’m ready when you are. Take care, Beth Jaan. Khodahafez.

**Thank you for stopping by, dear reader. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into Kurdish music from Ram’s point of view.**