About Beth

Beth Mikell is an avid reader and writer across many genres. She’s a native Floridian, yet at thirteen, her family moved to Alabama and as the years turned into several, she traveled to many countries such as Brazil, Turkey, and Iran. When it comes to writing, Beth likes to weave tales about love, loss, and rebuilding hope, either in fiction or poetry. She finds the most challenging part of writing to be the end—saying goodbye is never easy.

About my Audience:

Women 18+

Love emotional reads.

Want a new kind of romance.

Enjoy strong heroines.

Desire a hero to fight for his lady!

Pseudonym: Beth Mikell is also writing as Jessa Ely with Cobblestone Press

Fun Facts About Me:

Favorite Quote: “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds…” –William Shakespeare

Classic Writing Influences: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Favorite Music: Evanescence, 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Skillet, Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, Hinder, and Three Days Grace.

Favorite TV Shows: Outlander, All Chicago series (PD, Med, Fire, and Justice), North and South Book 1 and 2 (mini-series), Prison Break, The Crown, Lucifer.

Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Man on a Ledge, Cellular, The Island, Sense and Sensibilities, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Ladyhawke.


Free Stories:

Where to find me:






 Cover Art: Images on my site, with the exception of my Jessa Ely books, are courtesy of Canstock Photos and Pixabay. I either purchase the photos or use sites where attribution is not required. For questions, Please contact me for more information at beth.mikell@hotmail.com.
*Updated 12/15/2017*

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