Saturday Fun: A Beautiful Chaos by Jessa Ely

Marguerite Callahan is working double time, both on the clock and with her heart. During a temporary stint as a masked pole dancer, Marguerite meets Dominic, a handsome businessman only interested in one thing. Now Marguerite must deal with a wicked temptation while hiding her biggest secret, her identity.

The moment Chaos appears on stage, Dominic is obsessed. But frustration mounts when Chaos refuses to remove her mask, and Dominic becomes distracted by a compelling new woman at the office. Now Dominic must decide, is the pure sexuality he has with Chaos enough, or is he ready for something more?


There was another reason Dominic needed to get rid of Chaos; she was fucking with his mind. Here he was falling apart over a beautiful woman who didn’t deserve his insanity.

He couldn’t help but stare intently at Marguerite. She bewitched him. After they had sat across from each other, she hadn’t ordered a simple salad; she’d gone for the deluxe hamburger with fries. If she could amaze him over her food choices, what else was there? He wished they were having this lunch somewhere private so he could…Could what? Test some physical action. Get a grip.

He leaned forward, his gaze flipping between her eyes and her mouth.

“So, tell me something no one else would know about you.”

Marguerite blanched and quickly grabbed her water bottle, giving a small nervous laugh.

“Like…I won the twenty-five meter freestyle in college?” She took a drink before setting the bottle back on the table.

Surprise lit his face.

“You’re a swimmer?” That was something he could appreciate, and his eyes traveled downward over the gracefulness of her body. The woman was the epitome of toned and sexy.

Looking down, she swirled a fry through her ketchup, shrugging.

“I was,” she said, meeting his gaze. “But I didn’t like it enough to compete nationally. I was more interested in taking the business world by storm. I think I have. Sorry, why am I telling you this?” She smiled, eating the fry loaded with ketchup.

Dominic flashed his wicked smile, his hand reaching up to swipe against her lush mouth.

“I asked. You’re more than welcome to share anything with me, sweetness,” he whispered, licking the ketchup off his finger. It excited him to see her blush, feeding the desire sizzling his veins.

Jessa Ely is the pseudonym for Beth Mikell.

A Beautiful Chaos is the second book in the Love & Lies Series. It is a standalone novel.


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