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Beneath Her Skin is FREE today and tomorrow (March 25th & 26th!) Make this romantic suspense novel your weekend read. There’s mystery, danger, and a handsome hero!

Beneath Her Skin

Brooke Stone runs a slumping hot air balloon business and pride keeps her from asking for help. Her last flight of the day introduces her to Damon Sinclair. He is mysterious, sexy, and he wants her to work for him. But there is deception at play. Someone is gunning for her, strategically placing Brooke at the center of danger, while Damon uses all his government resources to help her. She is two steps away from a break down, yet her new savior proves she needs a miracle, and she cannot help but hold onto his dust-devil storm, awestruck and seduced.

No matter their sensual cravings, trouble is coming… and so is the truth.


“Here we go—welcome to the fishbowl,” Damon said, leading her out into a semi-dark hallway lined with glass walls and various rooms.

There were conference tables with groups of men and women in deep discussion, and the other rooms reminded her of a James Bond movie with different gadgets undergoing testing. She was awestruck as Damon continued to lead her down the hallway, finally coming to stop in front of another conference room lined with wall-to-floor TV screens inside a video conference call with more S-Tec employees deep in an unfettered focus. A control panel was located on the outside of the glass wall and he flipped a speaker switch, filling the hallway with the sounds of the occupant’s discussion, though Damon immediately lowered the volume, but didn’t look at her.

“This is where all the aerospace ideas are birthed into existence,” Damon began. “Or where problems are worked out, but unfortunately, I haven’t the time to babysit the project as much as I’d like. And it’s a huge deal, but my time is spread thin. We have government contracts underway and I need someone to monitor transcripts of meetings, verify that problems are resolved, and file necessary documents with different governmental departments. Most of all, I need you to be my liaison. I need an invisible force.”

Finally, he turned and she cleared her throat. “Invisible force? You mean you don’t want anyone to know I what I’m doing. ”

His lips curved into a delicious smile. “As I mentioned, I need to switch tactics and make my decisions less public until my desired release of information. I want you to be my Aerospace Security Advisor, which you will receive a hefty salary, an office adjacent to mine and a company car and an apartment. I will need you on-call.”

She had not even accepted, but it was pretty much a done deal with her hand still in his and heat sparking up her arm. Damon had maneuvered her into a boxed corner.

“I… I haven’t said yes.”

He grinned wide with amusement lighting his sea-beauty eyes. “But you will,” he said so confidently with a matter-of-fact arrogance.

A sparkle of irritation burst through her stomach and she dropped his hand, taking a step back. “While I thank you for the proposal, any Joe-blow off the street can shuffle papers and answer a few calls or report to you. What do you really want?”

He descended so fast, pushing her up against the glass wall, his stomach was rock hard against hers, as he placed each of his hands on the glass surface at either side of her head. Her breath stopped and the coolness at her back was just what her skin needed after long, aching minutes of flushing excitement.

“I can’t lie—I want you close,” he rasped, brushing his lips across hers. “I want you so close no one will even know you’re here. I want you to teach me all your rules so I can break every one of them—just to be in the same room with you. This may not be the most ethical way of doing business, Ms. Stone, but the fact is… I can’t stay away from you.”

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