Book Release: On Paid Leave (Expanded Edition)

Shawn Angel is a resilient detective with a quirky sense of humor. She’s available to tug at your heartstrings or tickle your funny bone.

Suffering from PTSD with a snarky view of life, Detective Shawn Angel is forced to face her internal demons before she loses her job. When she heads out of town, she plans to conquer fears with a little rest and relaxation, but she’s a trouble magnet. She swears it’s not her fault. It’s almost as if someone is purposefully tormenting her.

Confronted by her past love, Shawn must surrender her pride and work with Leo Grayson. He yanks Shawn out of her safe bubble, complicating matters in his sexy way, yet finding a killer proves to be easier than rekindling their romance. As the intrigue climbs dangerous levels, Shawn tugs on her badass, fully prepared to handle things her way. She’s supposedly on vacation, but now, she’s out to catch a killer…

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What other readers are saying:

  • Get ready for a funny, emotional, action-packed mystery with a sassy lead female with a hilarious inner monologue! Investigator Shawn Angel is suffering form PTSD after almost dying at the hands of a serial killer. Even after months, she’s not ready to go back on active duty – she’s not even capable of sleeping outside of the bathtub (handy gun named Joan by her side) for fear of leaving herself vulnerable to attack – so she takes a little trip to her sister’s house in her hometown to get away for a bit. Reuniting with her ex is a plus, but being stalked by the man who wants her dead is a definite minus.I absolutely adored this story. It was super fast-paced and fun to read. Like I said before, Shawn’s inner monologue is hilarious, and the random things she comes up with had be cracking up with laughter. But then it was also quite emotional, dealing with a trauma that psychologically scarred this poor woman who had always been so strong. It’s a good message that even the toughest of women are allowed to have moments of weakness. Or maybe that even women with weaknesses can still pick themselves up and be strong. One of those two. There doesn’t have to be an either/or with strength and weakness in a powerful woman – there; that’s it. Great message to send out with this story.
  • The plot is original, with twists, turns and surprises. Told in alternating voices, I got to know what each person was thinking and feeling. That made the story much more enjoyable. I really liked Shawn, she is down to earth and all around likable, flaws and all. She tries to relax and take a vacation, yet she still decides to help solve a crime (even if her life is in danger). I highly recommend On Paid Leave to those who love a great mystery.
  • This story was impossible to put down; it evoked real emotions as you walk through Shawn’s issues with her. Absolute 5-star must-read.
  • Detective Shawn Angel suffers from PTSD. She goes on vacation yo unwind and relax. She did not expect a missing person and murder. She decides to help her ex boyfriend in the investigation. Soon she finds herself in trouble and might end up being the next victim! An original plot with plenty of twists,turns, and surprises to keep you in suspense. The story is told in alternating voices. I highly recommend to anyone who loves a great mystery story.

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