Behind the Scenes Saturday


Welcome to a new blog post theme I’ll be writing the first Saturday of each month. I’ll give you an inside look at what I’m working on, along with excerpts for upcoming and future books. Be sure to follow my blog and receive email updates for the latest…


Happy New Year to my dear readers and followers. As my first post of the new year, I wanted to wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2017. I won’t even mention the bad taste 2016 left behind. Moving on, right? Time to embrace the new year and hope for all things positive and good.

Current Projects

I’m working on two projects now. The first is my second mystery novel in the Shawn Angel series. The working title is…drum roll please…Run, Blogger, Run! I hesitate to give out my title too soon for the fear of changing my mind. But, I feel certain I’ll keep it. I even have a book blurb, but it’s too early to share it. I need time to revise it several times before I feel confident that it portrays my story accurately. I can say that Shawn shocks me sometimes with her humor. I can’t wait to have this book finished. 🙂 I might even have good news to share about my Nysein vampires.

New Year Writing Goals

I spent some time thinking about which projects I’d like to finish. I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Mystery novel/On Paid Leave News–What happened to this book? As soon as I know, I’ll share a new publishing date.


Publishing News

My wolf shifter romance was published by Cobblestone Press. This novel will fall under my Jessa Ely pseudonym. It’s titled, The Kale Alpha.



Barnes & Noble



Cobblestone Press

Story Tags: shifter romance

Final Thoughts

In the words of Shawn Angel, I’ll leave you with this for the New Year…

I wanted to embrace each day. Live to the fullest. Wear a thong. Paint my lips red, if for no other reason than just because it clashed with my SpongeBob T-shirt. Life should be about taking risks and being happy. It was time to start living.

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