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Welcome to a new blog post theme I’ll be writing every month. I’ll give you an inside look at what I’m working on, along with excerpts for upcoming and future books. Be sure to follow my blog and receive email updates for the latest…

Current Project

I’m currently working on my second mystery novel. I actually had to start over because I decided to change directions and go another way. I think the story will flow smoother from here on out. I wrote the prologue, and I’m nearly finished with chapter one. Yay!! Just to keep things interesting, I wanted to share a few paragraphs. Please keep in mind it’s unedited and raw. Shawn Angel always keeps things lively with her quirky humor. 🙂

Excerpt (subject to change):


I shoved my laptop to the side as my sister, Violet, kissed me on the cheek. Her perfume about knocked me over. What the hell was she wearing? Formaldehyde? I didn’t hold my nose, but I grimaced. P-freaking-hew. We hugged briefly, feeling like I’d just been chloroformed. Or maybe I was headed into anaphylactic shock? Tough call. Either way, my eyes watered and my lungs burned.

“Hey,” I said, trying not to cough. “I’m so happy you could meet me for lunch.” I coughed, and then I turned my head to the side, gulping a deep breath. But all I could smell was her perfume stench.

Publishing News

  • My wolf shifter romance is available!tka_facebook-covers3

    Enjoy 25% off all titles with coupon code: holiday2016 

  • From Cobblestone Press

    The Marked is coming.

    Levi has heard this a million times, but as Alpha, chooses to ignore it. Yet when he finds a Fae near death, she draws out his protective instincts.

    Shayla hopes the wolf pack will find her, as she wishes for a swift death. She aches to escape her marching orders…to kill the Kale Alpha.

    Evil casts a dark shadow over the magical world, and no one is safe. Only the Kale Alpha holds the key to reversing the past against a new dictatorship, but will he discover the power to do so in time? Shayla and Levi must fight demonic forces or lose everything…

    Read An Excerpt

    Buy Links:



    Cobblestone Press


    (Don’t see your favorite retailer? Don’t worry! They’re coming soon!)

Story Tags: shifter romance

Recent Publications

Love Unplugged


Story Tags: Contemporary romance, *no cheating,* short story, novelette, reunited love

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