Behind the Scenes Saturday


Welcome to a new blog post theme I’ll be writing every month. I’ll give you an inside look at what I’m working on, along with excerpts for upcoming and future books. Be sure to follow my blog and receive email updates for the latest…

Current Project

Today is the cover reveal for Love Unplugged! But, surprise…! Love Unplugged is available on Amazon. This is a short read, intended for a lazy afternoon with the beverage of your choice. Readers of my novella, Aftermath, may enjoy the past and present style. Happy reading…



The Past:

Wannabe song writer Beretta Jones doesn’t have all the answers. Struggles are a part of her normal routine, regrets another. She let go of her dreams, and she loves a man out of reach. When the guy she craves asks for help, she should have said no. Her budding friendship tests all her boundaries, and her heart is danger of falling deeper in love with him.

The Present:

Beretta is in hiding, keeping her biggest secret. This wasn’t how she envisioned her life, but she tries desperately to move forward. Yet life is tricky. Everything she ever wanted is about to become a reality until fate throws her another curve ball and his name is Rhys Lennox. Will he prove that his love is deeper than a love song?



I glanced at him. “I can’t do this. Please understand.” I shook my head. “No matter what Ashley has done, you’re still off limits.”

He took a step toward me, his hand circling my wrist. “You don’t owe her anything. It’s over between us.”

He caressed his fingers against my skin. Tingles netted over my flesh. “You can’t just throw this at me and expect me to leap on you. Good-bye, Rhys.” I slid my wrist away, suddenly feeling chilled to my bones.


Story Tags: Contemporary romance, *no cheating,* short story, novelette, reunited love

Publishing News

  • My wolf shifter romance was recently picked up by Cobblestone Press. This novel will fall under my Jessa Ely pseudonym. It’s titled, The Kale Alpha. Keep you posted on the publishing date.

Story Tags: shifter romance

  • Love Unplugged – A Contemporary Romance Novelette – Now available on Amazon

Recent Publications

Beneath Her Skin

On Paid Leave

Love Unplugged

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