Behind the Scenes Saturday


Welcome to a new blog post theme I’ll be writing every month. I’ll give you an inside look at what I’m working on, along with excerpts for upcoming and future books. Be sure to follow my blog and receive email updates for the latest…

Current Project

My writing muse pulled me toward a novel I’d sketched out a few months ago. The working title is currently Love Unplugged. It’s inspired by the song, Girl Crush by Little Big Town. Now keep in mind the story is only inspired by a song, not actually the song. I’ve added my own unique twists and turns. It’s about a woman that loves a man out of reach, but finds herself face-to-face with him years later. I did have a preliminary blurb written, but I scrapped it. Hopefully, I’ll have it ready for next Saturday. I had originally intended for this book to be a short story, but… my characters have other ideas. I hope to have this completed in a few months.

Excerpt (Subject to change):

“I seem to recall twenty-five grand paid out to you by Raim’s record label,” Riven said, looking smug. “They thought it was good. The ballad stayed at number one for weeks.”

I gave a nervous chuckle, feeling my cheeks warm. Why I felt so embarrassed, I didn’t know. Probably because I didn’t believe in myself. All my life I’d been fighting for acceptance and love, but I didn’t want to think about that now. Or ever. Some things were better swept under the bar, rug, or any object for that matter.

Story tags: contemporary romance

Publishing News

My wolf shifter romance was recently picked up by Cobblestone Press. This novel will fall under my Jessa Ely pseudonym. It’s titled, The Kale Alpha. Keep you posted on the publishing date.

Story Tags: shifter romance

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