Blowback by Stephanie Summers Available Now!



“People say to appreciate the life you have because things can always be worse, but how can you do that when your life is the kind everyone else compares theirs to in order to make themselves feel better? I hoped and prayed so many times for as long as I can remember for things to be different, for my life to be different, but when it finally happened, and my life changed, I didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse.”

Jet Flanagan grew up under the shadow of his father, a kingpin determined to bend Jet to his will by any means necessary. He’s been forced to distance himself from anyone he might care about to keep them safe and that includes high school sweetheart, Evie Adams. He did what he thought was right to protect her, but when she comes back into his life by chance almost a decade later and sets off a life-changing series of events, he’ll be forced to deal with the collision of the life he knows and the life he should’ve had.




One tiny moment in time. That’s all it takes to cause a life to go to shambles or to bring another out of the darkness. Everyone has that one thing that slammed into life as they knew it and  hurdled them onto a different path, maybe even one they were never really meant to go down. The one that completely changed who they are and the person they would’ve become. Looking back on that moment can become so clear and so focused that it drags you back in time as if you’re reliving every second of it. All the joy, sorrow, anger, bitterness, happiness, smiles, tears… All of it’s there, just like it was the first time around.

The second my life changed was the day Jet Flanagan decided to speak to me for the first time. It was a simple request that very easily could’ve passed without another thought had anyone else made it, but because it came from him, my life was forever changed. For better or worse, I couldn’t say, but definitely changed.

Link: Amazon

$2.99 to purchase or find it on Kindle Unlimited

Story Tags: Contemporary; Romance; Suspense


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