Upcoming Release: Take Me Home (Take Me Duet Book 2) by Stephanie Summers



Ash London, front man for uber-successful rock band Ferrum, is happily living the life he always dreamed he could have with Lila Stephens. After working through Lila’s traumatic past and Ash’s trust issues, they’ve finally connected and life is good. One phone call changes everything though when Ash finds out the time off he was promised is being cut short. The stress of being on the road and away from Lila gets to Ash, and when a face from his past shows up, it turns his world upside down, dragging up past demons that he’s chosen to keep from Lila. Would she look at him differently if she knew the truth? Will her love be enough to save him from himself?


I spent the rest of the morning curled up next to him, watching him as he slept. I hadn’t changed my mind, and still needed to go, but he’d repossessed another chunk of my heart. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it had to be done. Part of me wanted to say to hell with it, give him another chance, just shed the past year or so and pretend like it never happened. But I couldn’t. Maybe in time, but I wasn’t capable of it then, and maybe never would be.

I scooted away from him inch by inch as the minutes wore one. Quick like a Band-Aid was my intention, but slow as hell was all I could muster. Finally, I reached the edge of the bed and let go of his hand. Please don’t open your eyes. I can’t bear it. Taking a deep breath, I grabbed the clothes off the floor, slipped into them, and pulled the door shut behind me.


Preorder Link: http://amzn.to/1O2vDoi


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