Cover Reveal: A Beautiful Chaos by Jessa Ely

Book 2 in the Love & Lies Series by Jessa Ely ❤

Jessa Ely


A Beautiful Chaos_700x1059

A Beautiful Chaos

(Love & Lies #2)


Jessa Ely

Marguerite Callahan is working double time, both on the clock and with her heart. During a temporary stint as a masked pole dancer, Marguerite meets Dominic, a handsome businessman only interested in one thing. Now Marguerite must deal with a wicked temptation while hiding her biggest secret, her identity.

The moment Chaos appears on stage, Dominic is obsessed. But frustration mounts when Chaos refuses to remove her mask, and Dominic becomes distracted by a compelling new woman at the office. Now Dominic must decide, is the pure sexuality he has with Chaos enough, or is he ready for something more?



The house lights came on, illuminating the stark pole center stage. An eerie ambiance wafted over the prestigious and privately owned gentlemen’s club, The Swan.

Breaths were held.

Hearts pounded.

Expectations heightened.

Cigar smoke lingered in the air and drinks…

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