Coming December 1st – Armed Judgement, Knights of the Imperial Elite (Book 3)

Armed Judgement, Knights of the Imperial Elite (Book 3)Armed Judgement

Coming December 1, 2015

In medieval England, during a time of political unrest, plots of treason turn deadly in the conclusion of a knight’s saga…

Rowan the McLeod is well known for his seductive conquests until the day he meets Lady Adara of HieLach from the borderlands. She is a woman of strength and a warrior in her own right. His fascination for her goes deeper than her healer skills or how she rides her massive beast of a horse. She embodies the one beauty he promises himself he will never succumb to—love and marriage.

Lady Adara’s life has been shaken, and she shoulders many responsibilities beyond a normal mistress. As the keeper of HieLach, her home is a refuge against an enemy known as the Gray Legion. She abides as guardian, a protector, and a healer, fortifying hopes and dreams with shelter, food, and safety. A secret keeps her bound in silence, yet the day her beloved knight goes missing, she must accept that she cannot handle everything herself.

Rowan alters Adara’s perception of happiness, showing her that life can be lived inside the shadows. As the Gray Legion vibrato abounds in a life-threatening ensemble, courage and love testify under the darkest threat and every choice is put on the line.

Read Prologue:


Danger whispered through the air, foreshadowing death and blood.

Decimus knew he was outnumbered, judging by the retinue of knights circling him. By a glance, he assumed they were Gray Legion. They were not Scots from a quick observation of their mismatched armor.

As a seasoned warrior, he knew nothing could have prepared him for the trap so carefully laid out for him. The advancing group totaled forty to his five, a death wish should he chose to engage them. From their hostile expressions, they were not here to invite him for a round of ale, boisterous laughter, and tales of wenching.

A wave of sudden regret washed over him, his life a crushing blow. For the last twenty-five years, Decimus had served Lord Samuel of HieLach, a wealthy merchant.

During one of Lord Samuel’s travels, Decimus met the lord under attack. A group of renegades was out to steal the lord’s convoy, and the outlaws most likely would have killed the lord’s group had Decimus not intervened. Lord Samuel had been highly impressed with the warrior’s abilities, offering a position at HieLach. Decimus had been uncertain if such a post was what he wanted, enjoying the comfort of nomadic knighthood, but he went to HieLach to see what prospect the lord so generously proposed.

Time could not erase the joys, the rewards, or the love he gained at HieLach these many years—a proud vocation full of honor and valor. His heart was forever changed the day Lady Adara had been born and with her, a sentimental calling—a heart’s daughter to his warrior’s soul. She was not his daughter by birth or blood, but she echoed a wish for a family. A desire Decimus had held so dear within himself, yet never gave a priority.

Lord Samuel had entrusted his only daughter to Decimus for guidance and training, unlike any other woman in all of England. The knight would do anything for the safety of his lady, even give his own life for the woman who held justice in the palm of her hand and kindness in her heart without fail. He needed the purpose HieLach gave to him as much as he needed the family that he had been given through his position. To his lost soul, he found life within the uncertain lands and with it—undying devotion.

Decimus sat upon his warhorse in full armor, clenching the reins of his horse between his fists. His coppery brown hair, streaked with gray, hung to his shoulders in messy waves. His eyes calculated the despairing odds stacked against him—he may die. But he knew in his heart of hearts he would be forevermore a knight of HieLach—even to death.

He drew his broadsword, eyeing the knight that came forward, stopping a few feet from him. “I will not give in easily,” Decimus said without a trace of fear.

The man smiled, but not with amusement, touching his sword to his helm in acknowledgement. “Indeed, that would defeat the purpose of an attack, would it not? But you are outnumbered, Decimus. Should you like to concede, I would happily take you prisoner.”

He snorted, shaking his head. “Not likely.”

The knight laughed. “Then, let the games begin!” he exclaimed, swinging his broadsword with a hard ring.

“With pleasure,” he returned, battling with fierce pride. The ratio by which he wagered was but a failed attempt at success.

Within minutes, the mighty warrior of HieLach Keep was overpowered and made a prisoner to the captain of the Gray Legion army.

Only God could save him now.

*Subject to change prior to publishing*

ArmedJquotepic 2

Story Tags: Medieval Romance; novella

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