Update – The Nysein: Salvation, Immortal Stain Series Book 1


The Nysein: Salvation, Immortal Stain Series Book 1

A wasting disease marks the Nysein race after King Darién seeks vengeance upon his mother’s murderers. Every day he chokes on loneliness and past mistakes as another innocent victim dies. His only salvation lies in a whispered prophecy—he must take a mate. The idea is so repulsive, he can’t imagine ever fulfilling…mating with a half human, half vampire woman he has never met. But one look upon the half-breed’s face, and his rationality plummets.

For scholarly beauty Jenera Cole, life moves in slow motion. It’s another strike against her…another disappointment. She is unaware of her immortal destiny until fate traps her inside an otherworldly hell. However, a stranger appears within her supernatural prison. He is a man with seductive eyes and an incredible power. Destiny isn’t only a word, it is the source of the Nysein magic, and Jenera must accept her fate. She must lay claim to the lost king as secrets bury them, lies unite them, and a war begins…


*Free to read on Kindle Unlimited*


Latest News from the Author:

The Nysein: Salvation has undergone some changes. Nothing major! No additions. The omniscient point of view has been deleted and replaced with the standard third person point of view. At this time, my books are only available on Amazon. For my lovely readers who use Kobo or B&N, I would like to gift a replacement .epub copy to you via email. To keep this easy, please send me a screen shot or an invoice number of your purchase and I’ll send you an .epub copy of the updated book.

My email: beth.mikell@hotmail.com

Your readership is very important to me.
All the best,



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