Coming Soon – The Nysein: Glimmer, Immortal Stain Series Book 2.5

Coming October 2015

The Nysein: Glimmer, Immortal Stain Series book 2.5

For Victor Bradley, a crazy situation calls for desperate decisions: Glimmer is a problem. He can’t ignore her cry for help. He tries to tell himself it’s because she is in trouble and a vampire with a tempting gift, yet it’s more than that. On the run, they cross into Fae territory and out-of-control doesn’t begin to cover the circus unfolding.

Two years of Glimmer’s life are gone. She has been a prisoner to a man hell-bent on torturing her. When the opportunity to escape hits—she grabs it—running without a plan. Her getaway lands her in the arms of a lion shifter, a man too incredible to believe, but impossible to ignore.
Her heart sings a mantra of words: help me… love me… stay with me. But, will he?

Read an excerpt:

A hand banded around Glimmer’s waist and another over her mouth, cutting off her air supply. She struggled, fighting hard. Twisting and arching, she tried desperately to free herself, clawing at her captor’s grip. Panic welled in her belly, burning out through her chest. Tears, she never allowed to fall, even in the worst of her captivity, rolled down her cheeks.

This was the end!

She couldn’t go down this way. She would never survive Edge and his punishments. Forget living, she was ready to die. She wouldn’t allow herself anymore more torment. She had held on to hope, keeping herself alive to taste freedom again, but she was done. She was done with the pain. Done with being abused.

Glimmer bit down on the wide finger covering her mouth, ignoring his hiss of pain as she sliced through his skin with her fangs—all the way to the bone. His blood splash on her tongue and she immediately knew what he was—a shifter.

And he tasted… amazing.

Before she could savor him, he snatched his hand away, twirling her to face him. He shoved his face so close their noses brushed together and their breaths mingled. She stilled. Captivated. His overly bright, yellow eyes glowed in the night, and the warm wash of his exhale was full of his savory essence. Everything faded around her… except him.

“Kitten, you’re being hunted,” he rasped with a gravely accent. “If you want to live… be fucking still.”

Story Tags: vampire romance; magic; series

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