Re-Release of Aftermath!


*Free to read on Amazon Unlimited*

Haley Cohen damned Jon Mercer the moment he left her at the altar. He embarrassed her, shamed her, and took what shred of dignity she had left. Reconstructing her life hasn’t been easy, in fact, there are things she’ll never be able to forget. Yet, Jon makes a sudden reappearance in her life, reminding her of all her losses. He’s demanding, irritating and has some kind of nerve sucking her into his drama.

As Jon endures his past sins against Haley, he can’t change what he’s done. He had reasons for leaving–damn good ones. Now, everything he strives to protect is falling apart. No matter his determination, betrayal is in the works, forgiveness desperate, and secrets more than he can stomach. As hell steps up, Jon must fight against the one thing he wants more than anything…Haley’s heart.



Author Note added 09/13/2015:

For my lovely readers who use Kobo or B&N:

Regarding Aftermath…

In an effort to rebrand my site and novels, I have taken out most erotic elements from my books. This was a personal choice. (PS…Your current copy of Aftermath has all the hot love scenes.)

At this time, my books are only available on Amazon.

I would like to gift a replacement .epub copy to you via email. To keep this easy, please send me a screen shot or an invoice number of your purchase and I’ll send you an .epub copy of the updated book.

My email:

Your readership is very important to me.
All the best,


Story Tags: contemporary romance; suspense; novella

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