The Imperial Arm – $0.99 Sale!


The Imperial Arm, Knights of the Imperial Elite (Book 1)TheImperialArm


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Darrius of Blackstone, emissary to King Henry III, is sent to northern England to snuff out an enemy of the crown. Everything spirals out of control when the scales of justice tip and the controlled warrior unleashes his heart upon a woman suffering from neglect. He knows the risks, but he needs her light in his dark world.

Abused by her power-greedy father all her life, Lady Brenna of Carthmore despises her pawn like status and the arranged marriage hanging over her head. Yet her new husband confounds her at every turn. She stumbles upon his secret, tipping the scale of the heart until betrayal vilifies a new day.

The Imperial Arm and his Elite are confronted by all sides of misery and everyone must reveal their deepest soul before blood runs.

Story Tags: Medieval Romance

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2 thoughts on “The Imperial Arm – $0.99 Sale!

  1. Just finished the Imperial Arm and it blew me away! I left a review on Amazon (I go by Dreamweaver). Wow, what a terrific story! I read it non-stop and cannot wait to read Colin’s story! I really hope you will have books about the other guardsmen forthcoming because I certainly am looking forward to reading them! A new fan, Barb Robinson

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    • Hi Barb,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog to share your thoughts on The Imperial Arm. 🙂 I am THRILLED you loved Darrius and Brenna’s story. They were a pleasure to write. Collin is next and I hope you enjoy it. I have a third book in the works too. Feel free to stop by again and share your thoughts. Thank you for your review, it means so much. Happy reading, Beth xx


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