2 Books FREE – 1 Day ONLY!


Fi5thCover2fth Dimension by Beth Mikell

Available @ Amazon
ISBN: 9781310254512

*Free to read on Kindle Unlimited*

What would happen if a book came to life? Isabella Adair, romance writer extraordinaire, moves into an old house and falls through a portal to another dimension. She runs into the hero of her next book—in the middle of medieval past—and he’s about to be married. Will she have enough fodder for her next book? Or will she stay and make her dreams come true?

Story Tags: Sci-fi; Fantasy; Time Travel; Medieval; Sweet Romance

EssenceEssence by Beth Mikell

Available @ Amazon
ISBN: 9781310351808

*Free to read on Kindle Unlimited*

Thane the Sunheart is ravaged by hatred. The love warrior’s soul bleeds for the loss of his twin brother, yet the Queen of Hearts wants to redeem his blackened spirit. She demands a mission. Angry and desperate for death, Thane tries to refuse her crazy plan.

Sara Blake is cursed to die and Thane cannot look away from her next death sentence. Mesmerized by her beauty, Sara’s terror blasts through the prison realm. The warrior must replenish his decayed soul, feed temptation, and find the last ember of love in his heart before he loses Sara forever.

Story Tags: Sci-fi; Fantasy; Time Travel; Reincarnation; Romance

*Please verify the time and date before 1-Clicking your free copy.*

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