Introducing Jessa Ely

It’s been a whirlwind few months! As you may recall, I mentioned three of my novels had been picked up by a publisher. I’ve been working hard to prepare my first book titled, Desperate Whispers. To keep the genres distinct, I’m writing under the pseudonym, Jessa Ely. My first book with Cobblestone Press released on August 15th. As an interesting side note, this was the second book I ever wrote eons ago. (When I say “eons,” I mean the first draft was written in 2001!) It gives me great pleasure to introduce Dane Corbett and Rachel Ryan from Eva Falls…


Desperate Whispers by Jessa Ely

Dane Corbett had left Eva Falls in pursuit of dreams. When he is drawn back to the very place from which he ran, he discovers the mayor’s daughter lying in a ditch. She is not the same vibrant woman he left behind, and he wants answers.

The demons of Rachel Ryan’s past cloud her present, yet her carefully built walls of isolation weaken as she is drawn to Dane. She fights the desperate whispers telling her to flee, wanting instead to surrender her fears.

Reaching beyond shame and sorrow, they discover a love that even a deadly vendetta cannot destroy.


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Story Tags: Romance; Romantic Suspense; Contemporary; Southern Romance


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