Coming Soon – Fifth Dimension by Beth Mikell (Short Story)


Fifth Dimension by Beth Mikell

What would happen if a book came to life? Isabella Adair, romance writer extraordinaire, moves into an old house and falls through a portal to another dimension. She runs into the hero of her next book—in the middle of medieval past—and he’s about to be married. Will she have enough fodder for her next book? Or will she stay and make her dreams come true?

Coming July 1st…

Bella struggled against his embrace, pushing against his strength until he let her go. Panting, she eyed him warily. She stumbled back further into the closet, staring wide-eyed at the buff, alien-deity that kissed of sin and tasted of heaven. “You—you can’t be Jaxon. You… can’t be… my Jax…” she said softly, walking backwards as she stared. She faltered over an unforeseen item, tripping.

Her scream tore through the air.

“Isabella!” Jax roared, lunging forward.


Story Tags: Sci-fi; Fantasy; Time Travel; Medieval; Sweet Romance



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