After * Burn (Poems: Shadows of Brokenness) Released



Poems: Shadows of Brokenness

The inside of brokenness is dark and gritty. A place where pain resides. It’s not sunshine and roses. It’s not rainbows and flowers. No, this real. This is where heartache meets the soul on a journey of healing. This is therapy between ink and words. It’s called… survival.

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Forgiveness Angel

She teases me behind a cloud,
Wearing her sorrow like a shroud.

Her eyes are bright,
With a terrifying light.

I try to reach for her;
She flies like a blur.

Her wings of night,
A heart-pounding sight.

I want to make amends,
Yet still, she condemns.

Reminding me of my faults.
Something aged like malt.

The taste in my mouth sour,
Making my soul cower.

If she only knew how much I regret,
Maybe she would abet.

She cries more pain,
And her laughter a great stain.

Still, she remains hidden,
My spirit sinking in midden.

Nothing will hold her;
Nothing will calm her.

I’m on my knees,
But, time gives a great squeeze.

 Coming soon to print…

Copyright 2015 © Beth Mikell All Rights Reserved.

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