Guest Post: “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Garrett Addison

If you love mystery and suspense, here’s a little treat for you. In helping RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL Indie Authors, I’m hosting Author, Garrett Addison today. Join me in welcoming him as he travels on his Blog Tour. Get cozy and settle in for a few moments…

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Enter the world of an unnamed family man struggling in his pursuit of a work/life balance. Too much travel at the whims of his tyrannical boss, known variously as Stalin and ‘the Anti-Christ’, has left him failing at work and at home, but after his wife prophetically warns that his next trip will be different, he is suddenly a world apart from his usual self. Confident, capable and unafraid of his manager, opportunities abound as he embraces his altered state away from home.

What begins as a quest to reclaim his career and satisfy his ego soon descends into the pursuit for revenge on his boss. With nothing but success in his wake and seemingly limitless potential at his disposal, it’s only fitting when he is coerced to work with his nemesis in a remote corner of the world. It’s more than just a chance to get even after years of abuse, more than the opportunity for a confrontation; a final solution to what he sees as the bane of his life is on offer. What could possibly go wrong when he’s in his prime? Succeed or fail, either way this trip will be the making of him or the end of him.

Sometimes to get the measure of your life you just need a break from being yourself… because nothing lasts forever.

Who is she, really?

When I conjured up an unlikeable character for the evil boss in ‘The Traveller’, I always assumed that my readers would see her as being 100% fiction. I tried to make her easily hateable, but believable, and I think she’s just the kind of character that I’d choose to avoid if I met her in the street.

Still, I’ve been inundated with of a lot of questions interrogation about who she really is.  There seems to be unilateral acceptance that someone like that must be based on someone I know, and this has led to unwarranted scrutiny of my past professional associations and colleagues.  The honest truth is she’s not, absolutely not, based on one person.

Instead, my story needed a villain and rather than just put someone I know into print, I fabricated what (or who) I saw as being the best antagonist for my story and my main character.   For this reason, my evil boss epitomises the pleasure I find in writing because my written world is limited only by what I can think up; it’s wholly up to me to paint my characters with depth and to support my story.  If I need an ‘evil’ character, I need to ‘show it’ and to that end, everything my main character in ‘The Traveller’ reveals to paint a picture of long suppressed loathing is pure fiction, not a collection of observations about a real person.

So sorry to disappoint, but the woman identified as ‘the bitch’ and ‘Stalin’ in my story isn’t anyone I know, but I’m far from being offended at the suggestion.  If anything, I’m liable to be flattered that readers think I’ve captured ‘her’ so vividly that they assume she must be a real person.

That said, everyone I know is likely to scrutinise characters in my future stories looking for perhaps just a little of themselves.  I’d suggest that no-one would complain if the subject character had lovely virtues, but no doubt my ears will burn if someone recognises themselves in the scoundrel or other less than desirable character.  Funny that.

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Garrett is forty something, Australian, and also a geek, husband, father and novelist. He grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and has been lucky enough to live in or visit most of Australia and much of the world. He now lives in Melbourne with his family. Not averse to change, thus far, he has been an Army officer, software consultant and author. But this is just the beginning.

22 thoughts on “Guest Post: “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Garrett Addison

  1. The shelf is certainly a place to know our gr8 #RRBC members better. I was very happily pleased to be talking to you from New Jersey all the way in Melbourne. How small the world has become. Again, well done. I enjoyed your interview with Nonnie. She is something else.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Garrett, I have loved every post you’ve done on your Spotlight Tour this week! I can’t wait to make room on my TBR so I can add your books! 🙂

    Beth, thank you so much for hosting Garrett, today on your blog! 🙂


  3. Garrett, I must echo Harmony’s sentiments! I’m sure this book will be a great read and I’m looking forward to it. I left a comment yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t “take”. Beth, thank you for hosting Garrett on your lovely site!

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